5 Day Marketing Makeover

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A 5 Day Marketing Makeover Party!

A Free Virtual Week: May 22-26th

Bite-Sized Guerilla Marketing Lessons that will stop the marketing madness. Ditch the new-fangled tactics (that haven't been working anyway) and create true freedom and growth with simple, heart-filled techniques that have been around for decades because they WORK.

Stop chasing the latest Facebook craze. Stop doing what the Guru-of-the-week promises will make you millions. Stop taking spoon-fed content and doing cookie-cutter marketing that has nothing to do with you or your business. 

And…stop spending money on advertising.

You heard me.

Because let’s be honest - none of that is really working for you, is it?

I want to propose something radical here: 

Return to your Roots.

Return to your Authenticity.

Prioritize Simplicity.

In other words…GO GUERILLA.

Guerilla Marketing has actually been around FOREVER – way before fancy funnels – and has stood the test of time.

I know you’ve got a packed calendar, and summer is coming so you might also be adding in 7-days a week with the kids groaning “I’m bored” and your mom-guilt breathing down your neck like a rabid squirrel.

Make this summer (and every one to come) about memories of fun, instead of memories of you behind your laptop all day long and the kids in front of the T.V. watching Moana (again).

But how are you supposed to do that and run a business to fund all of these summer adventures? Easy peasy, lemonade-in-your-vodka (with a little umbrella) squeezy!

Mark Your Calendar for May 22-26th 

In just 5 little ole’ days, in about 30-40 minutes a day, I'm going to show you how to setp up 5 pillars of authentic, guerilla marketing in your biz that will GROW your biz AND get you ready for a summer of fun and freedom, AKA: you build towards the results and revenue in your business that you want while ALSO getting more freedom of time.

 Let’s get your business bikini-ready with my 5 pillars of GUERILLA MARKETING that will allow you to have the fun you dreamed of, creating freedom AND growth all at the same time - minus the mom-guilt.  

At the end of this virtual week you'll have:

A process to take with you to AUDIT your biz and know what's working and what's not in your marketing: and then I'll be PICKING ONE person to showcase this process with LIVE. Even if I don't choose you, I'll be giving you tools to understand how to market effectively for YOUR biz without spending a bunch of money or hiring a marketing team (or following formulas that may or may not work for you).

Tools to master your inner anchoring. This is energy management 101 and it's an unspoken foundation of putting yourself out there and being visible. You can’t get your biz out there when you’re flipping exhausted and running around like the leader of a three ring circus, or worrying about being visible, or feeling like a fraud. 

An understanding of how to make systems, organization & delegation work for YOU: How to really get your business ducks in order so that visibility and marketing can continue on autopilot while you’re off making memories (and money)- your biz can STILL be growing authentically and running around in the world while you're out of the office. Effective systems and organization are KEY here.

Clarity around how to identify your own VALUE. Are you super clear on what you’re offering and who you’re offering it to? If you're not, you're communicating a murky message to prospects (or none at all, as feeling unclear can make you unwilling to even speak about your work!). Let’s get you all straightened out to be sure you’re maximizing profits and opportunities in your business STAT. 

Steps to build a quality community with guerrilla marketing & your authentic voice. Screw the “build 1000 subscribers in a week” method. Quality is what you’re after! Know yourself, know your people... then market the hell outta your business (in a way that doesn’t feel douchey).  

A plan to GET SUPPORT (mentoring, coaching, guidance, wisdom, perspective- whatever it is) Listen, every superhero has some sort of a sidekick for moral support. Even She-Ra rode a fricken unicorn! Build up your support system and get ready for more success- the more confident and anchored you feel, the faster people will GRAVITATE to you.

Don’t trade happiness this summer to keep all of the the balls in the air while you run a hamster wheel chasing other people's formulas and methods. Find what's right for YOU by working directly with someone who sees you as an individual. 

Let me show you how to be 100% you, and create the systems and structure to market your business authentically and easily that will hold your biz up- even while you’re outside enjoying the summer.

Sign up, mark your calendar and let’s get to it!

P.S. There’s no limited number of seats and I’m not going to create some false sense of urgency to get you to sign up. If you want a summer that doesn’t totally suck, you’ll join us! If that’s you, I can’t wait to see you on the inside! 

P.P.S I mean, it’s virtual and free so why wouldn’t you sign up?! 

Some Virtual Week Love From Past Participants:

"I love Britt's week-long virtual retreats - I love that there is something to hear/watch from Britt and an assignment each day to wake up to - it really helps keep me feeling positive about building my business and injects some energy into the week. Thanks Britt!!I love Britt's week-long virtual retreats - I love that there is something to hear/watch from Britt and an assignment each day to wake up to - it really helps keep me feeling positive about building my business and injects some energy into the week. "

"Britt's training and retreat weeks focus me on questions that help me dig deeper. I would have never asked myself these questions initially, but I always find out that I learn more about myself when I use her questions to to think about my biz. Thanks Britt for all you do! This space you've created is wonderful!!!"

"Because I realize trying to do it all by myself had kept me stuck for years just scraping by. Now that I'm recently out of desperation for the last few months, I'd like to keep the momentum going and reach that next level - from Surviving to Thriving!!! I know this can help a lot of women to finally take the chance on doing what they love."

"What will help me move forward? HELLO I hired Britt. Which is what I have been wanting to do since the lunch and learn and why I signed up for this retreat. This week was simply to see if she was the right fit for me. That has been my struggle. I have meet tons of great coaches and cool women, but they were not a fit for me."

"If you are considering attending I highly encourage you to do so! I LOVE these retreats and get SO so so very much out of them. The biggest shifts and forward movement in my business always happens after attending these!"

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