Sick of all the hoopla about ad spend, expensive gurus, and marketing formulas?

  • Are you frustrated because you're not sure HOW to grow your business?
  • Are you sick of shrinking from growing your list, clients, or community because you don’t want to feel salesy or douchey?
  • Wouldn’t you like to know the EASY way to get your business visible so they clients come to you and you can stop the HUSTLE?  

 Let me show you how to build your biz to PROFIT using visibility, guerrilla marketing, and the act of being YOU.  

I’ll teach you the steps I (and my clients) use to grow from zero to profit- without becoming an expert in FB ads, having a big advertising budget, OR feeling miserable.

I’ll help you understand what your unique HOOK is– so your marketing feels more like turning on a light to attract moths than struggling and hustling to beat the bushes for clients- or putting in a LOT of effort for not enough payout.  

I’ll work with you, step-by-step, using my proven process which turns your unique skills into easily communicated gifts for people who NEED you.

This is SO MUCH MORE than your average over-hyped, under-delivering webinar. 

(Cuz I’m flipping the bird to THOSE, too.)  

During this interactive, recorded workshop, you’re going to be working WITH ME in real time to:

Step One: Find your HOOK

Understand what your hook is and how a good hook does half your work FOR you- no more throwing copy out there, guessing what will make your ideal client buy, or spinning your wheels with ineffective tools that weren’t made specifically for YOUR biz. My clients compare this tool to the difference between swimming against the waves to shore or riding in one on- it’s THAT big of a difference in feeling EASEFUL as you market your offerings vs. flailing and running uphill.  


  • What IS a hook and how do you create one that pulls your ideal prospect in? Stop struggling to find that THING that pricks up the right ears- imagine your clients finding YOU instead of YOU beating the bushes for them?
  • How can you use your hook to create content that grow your community- WITH ideal people- no more struggling to find content that resonates with people ready to buy from you.
  • I'll teach you the trick that's sitting in your PLAIN sight- that you're going to have trouble seeing by yourself. When my team pointed this ONE thing out to me, it CHANGED my business. 

Step Two: Learn the EASY Basics of Guerrilla Marketing

Understand the best way to reach your community using your most powerful asset: Be You Visibility- no more trying to figure out what THEY want- you’ll be drawing them like moths to a bright light using YOURSELF. Your passions. Your innate, magical skillset and brilliance.  


  • How to grow your biz JUST by being who you are and doing what you love-I would have saved THOUSANDS on DIY ad campaigns if I had know this particular piece 3 years ago.
  • Discover how to get your marketing planned FOR you- BY YOUR CLIENTS (and they won't even know they're "working" for you! :-) . No more struggle– easy-peasy ways to grow your biz that just fall into your lap- I'll show you how. One of my clients saved thousands in NOT hiring a marketing strategist JUST by doing this step.
  • Thinking about paying for advertising?I'll show you exactly how to figure out if it's worth the money or if this is something you can use guerilla marketing for: no more agonizing mental back-and-forth or fear that you're hurting your biz by not doing the right thing to grow it.

Step Three: Make a Plan To Execute


  • How to create a unique, aligned marketing plan for the next few months that feels exciting- and get 1:1 help in setting up the step-by-step actions that will get you from point A to point B: PLUS, opportunity for ongoing help to execute it on a persistent and consistent basis- imagine not feeling alone as you decide what to do each day to be as effective as possible?
  • What successful people do to win at planning that unsuccessful people FAIL to do- OVER and OVER again. Each time, they hope for a different outcome- the very definition of insanity. But after this class, you'll be able to see it clearly and NOT fall into this ONE TRAP.
  • Build a CLEAR, step-by-step marketing plan for your biz that relies on YOU being YOU, your skills, and your clear communication of them- not thousands of dollars of ad spend or super expensive experts to run your ads for you- there’s time for that when you’re raking it in and are ready to delegate the work to an expert- but there’s NO reason you should start there. I didn’t spend ANY money to advertise my biz until I hit 6 figures- and I’ll teach you what I did instead.


You’ll also get TWO MUST HAVE tools 

(because I WANT you to succeed- and I'm committed to giving you what you need to do so!) And you’ll want these to use alongside your new marketing plan- they are ESSENTIAL:  

  • A set-up workshopso you come to the meat of the meal cleaand focused, and ready to work. PLUS, come on over Tribe of Sacred Rebels to ask qestions and get support as you work though the video, in real time!

Total bonus value in dollar amount: $297  

In biz value: clarity, focus, and step-by step action plan: INVALUABLE.  

Here's what women said from the last virtual retreat:

Be YOU. Do work you love. Make an impact.

Dreams and plans aren’t the same.  

Let’s make those dreams come TRUE by having a plan to achieve them!  

Find Your Hook


Guerrilla Marketing Basics  

Make a Plan To Execute

You Ready?

Join us for this Virtual Workshop

Do it in your own time, at your own pace, and find me in Tribe for support as you need it.


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